Please Hire My Talented African American Husband

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Please Hire My Talented African American Husband

Post by shelleysman » Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:45 pm

I wanted to thank the lady from Delta Radio for considering my husband for her Morning Host/Sales position. Unfortunately, he didn't get the job. She went with someone with more sales experience. My husband says that she thinks that call letters, or the brick and mortar building, or playing 24-songs in a row is what drives sales. I agree with him that the product (The presentation) is what drives sales and that the personality (The presenter) is who drives the product. His ability to sell from BEHIND the microphone is amazing. I know that he would have easily sold each and every hour of his morning show. When he was on the air in Holland he had a ton of advertisers who bought time on his morning show for what he called "Infotainment Segments" where for 10-15 minutes the unsuspecting audience would listen to a sales pitch disguised as an "interview" or a casual, fun, everyday conversation. At any rate, I am back at it yet again for my fantastic and talented man.

In the town of Holland, Michigan my husband is still a legend! He hosted morning music and talk program there for nine straight years that was super relatable, funny, entertaining, informative, and like nothing that we had ever heard in Holland before! His voice was so reassuring and friendly and he sounded like he was talking directly to me. He seemed to understand my everyday ups and downs and related to the community like no one before or since.

I was a loyal "listener friend" as he used to call us and like everybody that I knew would not miss one minute of any show for fear that I might miss some funny story or anecdote or silly thought or comment or heartwarming moment. I fell in love with the performer and the man and married him in 2012. Then one day in 2013 it was suddenly all over, and there was something called a "no-compete" that changed our lives forever. Yes, he hosted a podcast version of his popular morning show "Reds Place 2.0" but it folded after 8-months when the advertisers pulled their support after having been contacted by his former employer, and the business that was providing him "studio space" decided not to continue on. That was eight years ago, and because our Daughter graduated this year from High School I know that he is anxious to get back behind a microphone and entertain a morning audience once again. Me too!!

So here is what I have for you, a link to an example of one of those sponsored "Infotainment Segments", a very funny segment called "Random Ramblings Of Diane" from his morning show from around 2010, a thing he created on the fly with his then female intern Katie about computer mouses, and I also added another clip of a super funny bit that I remember. There used to be a taxi service in town called "Reds Taxi" and he did this super clever bit with them. It sure had me fooled and I bet all of Holland! Now he did post a few of these himself before but received a permanent ban from this website for "spamming". We didn't understand that since it wasn't a business plug?!?! I personally think that his old employer caught wind of his audio cuts and as they did in 2014 and filed a complaint to get him banned. Maybe I am taking on his paranoia but it doesn't make sense that a guy as talented as him 1. Gets permanently banned from here for posting a situation wanted ad, and 2. He has been able to land a radio job in eight years! At any rate, the links ARE NOT SPAM and this ad is VERY REAL! Please listen to his audio, look over his resume, and then seriously consider giving my talented husband a chance. He will charm you, your listeners, and advertisers guaranteed!!! (Keeping Holland Clean Infotainment Segment) (Random Ramblings) (Computer Mouses) (Reds Taxi Service)


Alfred D. Roach
2160 Rockton Circle, Hudsonville, Mi 49426 616.834.1280

SUMMARY: ​Over twenty years experience as a radio air personality, entertainer, board operator, and producer. I have a unique understanding of live and broadcast audiences and broadcast equipment to include Wide Orbit.

OBJECTIVE: ​Morning Show Specialist/Production Director (Sound Image Creator)


Morning Show Host, Full Service Music, Turned News/Talk April 2004-September 2013 WHTC-AM, Midwest Communications Inc., 87 Central Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 715-842-1437
● Responsible for writing, producing, and hosting a 4.5hr conservative morning talk show.
● Operation of broadcast console and digital editing equipment (Audio Vault, Wide Orbit, Adobe Audition)
● Was successful in attracting a large and very loyal 25-54 female audience.
● Was directly responsible for attracting advertisers and in advertiser retention.
● Worked with Marketing to produce results-oriented commercials for clients.
● Made public appearances for the station and was a trusted member of the community.
● Won a Michigan Association of Broadcasters award in 2011.

Operations Manager/Morning Host, Oldies
July 2002-March 2004 WMTE-FM, Lake Mich. Broad., 52 Greenbush St., Manistee, MI 231-723-9906
● Responsible for station automation, assigning production, and station vehicle maint.
● Wrote, produced, and hosted 3.5hr oldies music personality morning show capturing the 25-54 female demo.
● Made station appearances at community and charity events.
● Voice Tracked on our AC and Country stations.
● Supervised a staff of 2-announcers ​

Morning Host, Classic Country March 2001-July 2002 KRCQ-FM, Detroit Lakes Broadcasting, 1119 Jackson Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 218-847-2001
● Responsible for writing, producing, and hosting a 3.5hr classic country morning show.
● Was #1 with 25-54 females.
● Was in charge of copywriting and producing the bulk of the station commercials.
● Made many appearances on behalf of the station.

Morning Host, Soft Rock, WLDR-FM, Traverse City, MI Aug-Oct 2003
Morning Host, Jazz, KSDS-FM, San Diego, CA March 1992-December 1994
Ops Mgr/Morning Host, Hot AC, KOJJ-FM, Porterville, CA May 1989-October 1991

American School Of Broadcasting, San Diego, CA Broadcast Media, AS, January 1984-December 1986
San Diego City College, San Diego, CA Broadcast Media, January 1991 (Went two semesters until I was hired by the college jazz station)

References: ​Available upon request. ... ative.html

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