Looking for chart data

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Looking for chart data

Post by driggars » Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:06 am

Hi all,

Maybe you can help me. I am looking for old chart data. I am tweaking our Hot AC format and I don't have any sort of "list" of hot songs dating back into the '80s, '90s, an '00s. Does anyone know where I can find that, or have any advice on formatting the station? Thanks!

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Re: Looking for chart data

Post by tonya-b » Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:32 am

If you are a Media base subscriber, you can set your parameters for "gold". It's a pretty good place to start.

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Re: Looking for chart data

Post by kmrichards » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:08 pm

Your station could also subscribe to Nielsen's BDS and then use that to scan the current playlists of other Hot AC stations, filtered to show only gold titles, then look for titles they are playing that you aren't ...

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Re: Looking for chart data

Post by singleton33 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:00 am

Mediabase also has year-end charts from the late 90's in the archives, super helpful for filling out your gold categories with stuff that might not show on the current gold charts.

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Re: Looking for chart data

Post by russfr » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:04 am

Hot AC's shouldn't be playing 80's songs. Really 1993 should be the cutoff.

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