This just in: LOCAL RADIO DEAD!!!

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Re: This just in: LOCAL RADIO DEAD!!!

Post by countryboy » Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:21 pm

And yet hundreds of country radio stations are live and local. All of the CBS, Entercom, Saga, Alpha, Cox, Summit, and Townsquare stations swear by live & local staffs. But yes, everything you learned about radio in the 90s is wrong. If you're on the air now, you don't have to cue up records any more. You don't have to run carts. Instead you better spend a lot of time on the phone with listeners, and working social media. If you don't know digital audio editing, find another line of work. And you need to love the same things your audience loves. If you're not in their life group, you're out of luck.

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