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Congrats To KYSR 98-7fm!

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:25 pm
by shawnski
With a cume of over 2 million weekly listeners (Arbitron, January), Southern California’s 98-7fm is officially the most listened to alternative rock radio station in the country.

Greg Ashlock, Clear Channel LA Market President, states, “98-7fm has enjoyed consistent share and rank increases in all key demos since September 2009, so today’s news shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s the result of a very focused music strategy and plan to win the lion share of the alternative rock audience in Southern California. The secret sauce is authenticity. The 98-7 staff from top to bottom passionately believes in this station and treats work like a playground. There is no hype, just genuine interest in delivering good product to the alternative rock lovers.”