Rogue Entertainment (Virginia) presents Ecomog

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Rogue Entertainment (Virginia) presents Ecomog

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RICHMOND, VA - Philadelphia hip-hop outfit Ecomog (“every change occurs musically over generations”) has released their debut single “The Wonder Years” on the label Rogue Entertainment January 26, 2012.

The single is taken from the upcoming album “As Seen on TV 1.5”, a collection of sampled and remixed themes from popular TV shows, a revamping of the 2010 independent release “As Seen on TV”. “The Wonder Years” samples the rock classic “With A Little Help from My Friends” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as performed by Joe Cocker, immortalized in the popular show The Wonder Years. It is currently available on iTunes.

With a discography containing seven independently released albums, Ecomog was signed to Rogue Entertainment in 2011. Group members Entity, Tonik, and Epidemic pride themselves on “changing hip-hop”, bringing a fresh approach to a genre dominated by a strict format. Ecomog incorporates aspects of pop, chillout, and rock with a hip-hop beat and rap vocals.

Rogue Entertainment Group was founded in the summer of 2011. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Rouge Ent. is a full-service booking agency, record label, film and music distribution group, and music marketing agency with operations from New Zealand to France. Presently, Rogue Ent. hosts a semi-regular event called “Dance Urself Clean” at various clubs in Richmond.

For more information please contact:

Emily L. McArthur, PR, Rogue Entertainment

Rogue Entertainment

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