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Hey! It's been a while but I've read here every now and then. Newbies popping up. That's good. Great to see the vets winterwest, hall, warp, countryboy, pbergin and many more. Nice_Shot_Man had a good question about why CHR didn't dump Kanye. Some did for a minute but he didn't diss the President of the United States. The Chicks did and that's what made the difference. Taylor Swift (love her to death, she really has it together for her age) is way more mature than Kanye and she got her spotlight thanks to the classy Beyonce. So it was easy to get over it, although it got you piping mad to see the award show replays afterward. Kanye apologized quickly and convincingly. Neither the Chicks nor Chris Brown did. I think that no matter how much you disagreed with Bush or disagree with Obama, the disrespect they both receive is ashtonishing. The kinds of things said over the air the past two years or so would have gotten people in big trouble many years before. I think there is still such a thing as respectfully and passionately disagreeing without the character assasinations and violence, of which the Chicks and Chris Brown, respectively, were guilty. Kanye is a harmless, immature kid who messed up on a big stage. Taylor is so far above the bar she can't be affected by his actions. If she keeps her head on straight she'll be around a lot longer than Kanye. He'll mess up again and go the way of Chris Brown and the Chicks career-wise. By the way, a man don't put his hands on a woman, Chris.

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