Interesting Opportunities Ad

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Interesting Opportunities Ad

Post by halltalk » Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:07 pm

So the ad reads, in part:

>> Flame throwing, uncontrollable and uber local morning show wanted

Looking for an energetic, team player with exceptional skills on the streets and online. If you’re self-motivated, creative, passionate and have never met a stranger, this might be the gig for you. Do you understand the principles of morning radio? Are you willing to take direction and give direction? If you live and love the CHR lifestyle, we’re looking for you! So, please draw a picture of your favorite animal and send that with your aircheck and resume. Not kidding…<<

Ok. So they want an "uncontrollable" morning show and follow that with "willing to take direction ..." More than once I was brought on to a staff because I was unique/off-the-wall/etc and within days I'd find myself in a PD's office being critiqued and being given "direction".

No thank you.

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Re: Interesting Opportunities Ad

Post by frankincleveland » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:46 pm

First of all, NOBODY says 'uber' anything anymore unless you're a native speaking German, and reside somewhere where German is the predominant language.

These people should be drug out into the woods and beaten with a rubber hose right along side the same wanna be cool guys who say 'hella' and 'production ninja'.

These are all phrases people who AREN'T in touch with what's going on use because they think it makes them relateable to key demographics.

It doesn't.

It makes you sound old and sad.

I suppose they're hoping you'll send in a pic of a 'liger' because they think Napoleon Dynamite is still relevant.

It's fuddy duddy PD's trying to re-invent themselves that come up with corn ball ads like this.. who get hired by clueless station managers who are trying to 'shake things up' by hiring someone with a long resume and uses 'fresh' terminology.

And people wonder how it is radio has managed to steal defeat from the mouth of victory.

Here's another out of touch pop culture reference.. #palmsmack

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