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Entercom/Sacramento wrongful death lawsuit

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:14 am
by kste
So Steve Weed says his responsibility as PD was solely to coach talent and improve programming. And it was the Promotions Director who was responsible for "managing the talent" during the contest, and coming up with/executing the contest.

Really? In 25 years, I have never worked with a PD who didn't play an active role in planning and creating promotions. I also have never worked with PD who would allow a Promotions Director to "manage the talent" at any time.

It's interesting that when ratings are soaring, the PD takes the credit. When things go south, they throw anyone and everyone in front of the bus. Obviously, this is a much more serious situation than just a bad book, but it illustrates the point that a lot of PD's aren't worth their weight in salt.