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Re: Webcasting

Post by bobbyb77 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:58 am

Hey partyfart,
Waddaya know! We ALL have syndicated shows! On here we can be anybody we want: For example, you can be a working radio professional, when in reality, you're really just an unemployed wannabe who plays "radio" host on the internet.

At least your buttboy buddy who's defending you admits he's a nerdy tool. You could at least be honest with us, 'cause you sure as he11 aren't honest with yourself.

Oh, and how is that syn-di-ca-ted show going? Must be the best show in fantasyland considering all the time you have to waste here!

And about your lame webcast: Besides YOU, who else listens? Oh, that's right, NOBODY---which is my point: Webcasters are mostly horrible no-talent amateurs like you, partyfart.

It is growup time though. Go get a real job in the biz if you can hack it. We of course know the eventual outcome there, don't we?

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Re: Webcasting

Post by KaseyKruz » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:35 am

Gee Bobby, your remarks prove who is an immature amateur. What do you care if partyshark has a syndicated show or internet show? What do you have? As far as him "wasting time" on here, what would you know about his daily schedule anyway? And by your logic, you are admitting that you have no job in radio either as you have had more postings in this thread than he has.
Given the current state of radio, I don't think it's that big of a deal to be working in OTA broadcasting. I have heard plenty of crap talent over the air and have seen many good talent get shown the door so they could be replaced by someone with no experience who works for minimum wage.
A syndicated show is the way OTA is headed just in case you haven't figured that out, just google "clearchannel premium choice".
My guess is that partyshark is a CC premium choice jock. Whether he is good or bad means nothing these days, it means whoever is willing to do the most work for the least money gets the gig.
* I am assuming partyshark to be a guy, so if not, my apologies*

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