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The Worst Invention for Radio, An Answering Machine

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:58 am
by skerr
If you were down in sales in 2009 at your station, I'd like for you to examine one item that may be causing some of your downturn. If you have an answering machine that directs callers to certain staff members, I highly recommend that you find the nearest window and throw that crap away. If you can't answer, your staff can't answer your own station phone, please also go ahead and turn in your FCC license too. And don't give me the excuse that you're short handed, you're a one man band or whatever other answer you might apply. There is no reason for any radio station to have an answering service, period! It's impersonal, difficult to navigate through and just downright wrong. Do you wonder why your competition might have gotten the big buy from Bob's Bank? Maybe they called your station and tried to navigate through the circus of people and extension numbers and finally said, I'll just give this to WXYZ. It's the worst invention ever for radio and is a lazy means to handle phone calls.

I get it that you have the crazies call your station and all other beings and creatures. But aren't we there to serve the public no matter how incomprehensible they may be? Have your staff answers your phone calls. It's truly not that difficult to do.

If you decide to continue to use an answering machine, it'll will come in real handy when the bank calls for their note.