Request of opinions and advice of (semi-) professionals

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Request of opinions and advice of (semi-) professionals

Post by thestarwithin » Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:51 pm

Dear All Access Forum members,

I believe this site is the right place to be due the amount of experts.

I am always searching for ways to improve the quality of the products we put out there. Together with a team of international music managers, recording artists and a wide variety of record labels of the category golden and platinum selling we've developed an educational system for people that have the ambition to get a record deal and become famous. We've released a paperback and do a weekly radio show.

When I got introduced to my first music manager; life changed drastically and everything became very simple and goal oriented and I wanted to offer the same service to others for free, just as how it was given to me.

Only, the problem exists; all the people that have worked with me on this say it's great. Most of our followers say that it's great.... The only negative critique I've had in months is about my English grammar here and there; I'm not a native.

ofcourse, that isn't objective at all. That's why I am here to humbly ask you for your uncolored opinion on our radio show with the theme music industry success.

We would also highly appreciate advice on what kind of things we could implement in the radio show it self, it's distribution and it's improvement.

Thank you for your time :)

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