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Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:51 pm
by leykis
We are looking for ready-to-go-hot studio space, preferably with T1 infrastructure or a live T1, both in the Los Angeles area and in Santa Barbara County. Phone systems, installed and operational phone screening software and/or satellite uplink capabilties a plus.

As we all know, the economy has wreaked havoc on the radio business. Many stations have moved, production companies scaled back or folded. Do you walk past empty studios, cubicles, or production facilities every day? Does your station have studios that go unused during hours and hours of syndicated programming every day? Do you have empty studios as a result of the continuing consolidation of the broadcasting business? Perhaps you're looking to cut your losses on now-unneeded studios or production facilities?

In Los Angeles, we foresee a production hub in your space to produce a syndicated radio talk show and/or a show produced specifically for the internet. We are looking to rent unused or underutilized radio/recording studios and a few cubicles in the Los Angeles area, the more airworthy, the better.

In Santa Barbara County, a smaller, less complicated studio space would work for us and a live T1 or infrastructure to install one would be a plus. In Santa Barbara County, we foresee a personality using your space to feed his voice to the Los Angeles location for live shows and production.

If you have space that's just sitting there as a memory of the good old days of big money radio, write us at or call (818) 52-RADIO.