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Milk Expiration Date in New York City

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:54 pm
by rogerwimmer
Hi Doc and Happy New Year. I spent some time in Upstate New York recently and noticed something weird in the supermarkets — the milk had two expiration dates. The container would say something like, "Use by Jan 7, Jan 5 in NYC." Why are there two expiration dates? Also, how long does conventional milk (the kind sold in grocery stores) last? Does the type of container (paper or plastic) make a difference in how long the milk is good? - Anonymous

Anon: Happy New Year to you too and on to your question . . .

As you probably know, I don't like to reinvent the information wheel. Someone else has already answered your question about milk expiration dates in New York City, so I'll just point you to this explanation.

About your other questions . . .

If stored properly, pasteurized milk should last about 7-14 days after it is packaged, but it's always a good idea to smell the product to make sure it isn't sour. The type of packaging (paper or plastic) doesn't affect how long milk will last after it is packaged.

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