Calling Patriot Radio Personalites and Concerned Stations

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Calling Patriot Radio Personalites and Concerned Stations

Post by leekent » Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:29 pm

Believe it or not, RADIO is still where people turn for local opinion, local events and local guidance, and there are no more intelligent people on earth than those working as personalities on local radio stations. I know. I was one for a very long time (and I have missed taking part in this great site) and after having worked in numerous industries over the years I can flatly state I have never known a collection of people more intelligent than Disk Jockeys.

So we are calling on Radio Personalities to join Patriot Radio News and contribute what they are doing to help preserve liberty and freedom in this country. There is a category called RADIO. Post to it. If you have a webcam in your on air studio, the site offers a connection to record your show live and place it on line. Or better yet, so pushing too many buttons at one time doesn't take you back to loading carts or cueing up 45's through the burn: do a segment on your webcam of your opinion. The site's Patriot Reporter Guidleines page offers a link to a free computer TelePrompter software, so you can read like the President. This is both a way to promote your show, and a way to help get people off their asses and into action.

When you post in the RADIO category, or an opinion in some other category, include your station’s logo, links to your stations streaming audio (which we want to feature) and add your opinions to the site. No one is getting paid to do this. When we find the right managing editor that person will get all of the income from the site. Post what you are doing to help the nation. Go into the Forum and discuss how you can better engage your audience in standing up for their country.

People all across the country, need to read what local radio has to say. Share your promotions and let’s lead this nation back to FREEDOM! needs you!

Please don't go attacking what we are doing with this site, or that we're not paying big bucks for people to contribute their passion of country. We're not taking anything from it either. I have to say that I love the look and the build of AllAccess since its last face lift. Yay Joel. Howdy to those I used to talk to here (if any are still alive.)

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