Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

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Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by donobrian » Fri May 31, 2013 1:29 pm

SMH, Robin Thicke "Blurred lines" came out in February, it was then as it is now, a one listen record to know it is a smash.

If you need to look at the itunes download charts to know what to play maybe someone else should do your job.

The very few who know what songs females under 40 will respond to should program every station, clearly most don't get it, in fact most club bar djs know and play the hits before the chr radio stations even touch the hits.

If you sleep on the next daft punk song, kudos to alternative stations that are already on it, because it sounds too different then you need to do your listeners a favor and hire someone with ears.

I don't know why I post this now, truth is I gave up on American chr when it took 6 months for chr to even add Party Rock. That song was out in January and chr didn't even give it a chance until spring.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by steves » Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:10 am

Blurred Lines is such an obvious smash hit, yet New York's Z100 seems to not even be playing it yet, despite it being the top song on the itunes sales chart. What gives? At least San Francisco's KMVQ gets it, spinning it 124 times this past week. CHR has been a real head scratcher lately, a glut of ballads and slow on moving on obvious hits like Daft Punk's Get Lucky, as mentioned above. What is so hard about playing the hits?

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by kaprun » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:07 am

comparing Club DJs to Radio music director/DJs
is apples to oranges. they really are on two totally
different plains.

the reason Club jocks get on the hits quicker is
they are face-to-face with their audience. they
literally SEE the response to new music, or the
lack there of. the Radio MD doesn't have that

also, the venues are entirely different.
the club audience is loose, sweaty and in
various stages of intoxication.
the radio audience is doing all the normal
everyday things in life. now
some of the songs a human may like when
she's sweaty she might also like when
she's driving to work in the morning.
but not all.

i don't know the records you guys are talking
about, been a long time since i was in
CHR. but i will say there always have been
records that took a long time to move
from clubs to broadcast. and there were
always some that busted with open in
both concurrently. if you're selecting
music for radio, best thing you can do
is try to find ways and places to observe
your prospective listeners in person.
what do you hear on boom-boxes in their
playgrounds, for example. watch music
sales. find out what they're sharing or
talking about in their social circles.

if you think you have a really good
Ear, doing your homework is the way to
hone it into a really Great on.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by donobrian » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:33 am

The song is #1 or #2 now on the itunes download chart in every developed nation, #1 in US.

How can chr stations just be getting on this, I heard this song once in February and knew it was going to be one of the years best party songs.

You are right, many club songs work in that club environment hence the name, they either don't work on radio, only in select markets, or need time to blow up and become popular enough to merit airplay.

That is not the case with Robin Thicke here, this was a case of why people don't listen to the radio anymore, programming in fear rather than putting on an entertaining fun escape from the daily grind programming that people used to come to us for.

In March chr should have started with night and weekend spins of this song, obviously the response would have told the deaf md/pd to up the spins. Without us even playing it, it has become the most downloaded song in the country from an artist who has no record of mass appeal songs, just a few urban ac hits that never crossed over. That is a red flag to get on it, its popularity is 100% song, 0% artist following or fan reaction.

Sorry to vent, he is a 35 year old white dude who has all of his hair, I guess that's why it became personal enough for me to post here.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by newmusicdude » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:01 pm

Kudos to CHR programmers for not playing those two songs. First of all I think radio needs a version that edits out Pharell's screams in the background. That's all you remember, not Robin Thicke with the soulfulness of his voice! Also I'm thrilled that radio doesn't pick up on the other song, I love the voice, but its overkill how many times he mentions the title of song!! Talking about Blurred lines, that's how AC, HotAC and CHR are today, all very similar, It may be because Hollywood continues to promote crap.
No there is plenty of good stuff out there, but Hollywood decides to only release it in Canada or Europe for example, they are afraid of having competition in American market. The only exception is Nashville with country music.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by steves » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:33 am

So 'newmusicdude', CHR shouldn't play songs that are certifiable, demonstrable, quantifiable hits? Great logic there. Edit out Pharrell's screams in Blurred Lines ? The same scream that held Michael Jackson back from world domination? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Wow.

CHR seems to be losing the plot these days. With your keen insights it seems obvious why.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by donobrian » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:23 pm

Instant Crush is the next Daft Punk single that I was talking about, and it will be a top 10 hit. I love get lucky but that was certified a hit the day it was released and a true no brainer. Crush should start to get airplay in 3 weeks imo, lucky should already be top 5.

I don't think there are any mds pds who wouldn't play a song because they don't like it, I'd hope not. My problem is the fact that they add songs and give moderate spins to songs you know will never test, while waiting months, sometimes half a year or more, to play songs that anyone who has a remote understanding of the format and tastes of your p1s know are going to hit hard.

There used to be small market stations that would always jump on these future hits first. Now they jump on crap or they sit and wait for the major market stations to add them.

Music is subjective, no one opinion should matter more than another. If a song is "good" or not should be defined by the number of ears who dig it but hipster elitism and the defining your tastes based on a perception of being cool by listening to songs no one else does is what holds alternative back and it's beyond idiotic. It is that mentality that is killing this country as it is very destructive beyond music, but that's a topic for talk radio, one they really need to dive into.

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Re: Shouldn't chr programmers have ears?

Post by djinfamous804 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:47 pm

Being on both sides of the fence as Club & Radio DJ and also APD, on our station we played the Robin Thicke when it came out in Feb.I stay on top of records months before they are released on Urban & CHR formats.To be honest in my view,Djs on radio have lost sense of "breaking" new records in and not waiting til MD or PD puts it into rotation,or looking at charts.And to say many club DJs now don't like exposing new records to quickly due to not wanting to lose the crowd and sandwiching records properly.

Djs on radio don't have power to put a record into rotation but have the skill & will to take the record to the next level where MDs & PDs can program the record which will keep listeners tuned in to the station keeping ratings up.Thats the whole key adding new music that keeps any audience females and males in which ever age group possible for better ratings.True many PDs don't have "ears" or take a chance on records until it all of a sudden is added on 30 new stations.Which makes a smart listener know someone isn't doing their job at the station since internet ,satellite radio and lower powered FM stations actually push these records long before CHR & Urban stations.

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