Why is CHR constantly overplaying all the songs?

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Why is CHR constantly overplaying all the songs?

Post by maytableinc » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:25 pm

I'm sure you've all heard from listeners that complain that there is no variety on the radio, especially on CHR/Top 40. One of my friends joked that there he could count all the songs being played on radio with his fingers. My question goes, can CHR/Top 40 be successful and play a variety of hit music? Like add in more songs from the past 5 years that are barely on the radio now. I have read that Top 40 plays much less variety on the radio because there are more casual listeners to the radio nowadays compared to the days before Spotify and Pandora. People tune to these stations just to hear the biggest hits. But would it hurt station ratings if the PD decided to add in a larger variety of hit music? Because, it seems to me that it would since most (if not all) Top 40 stations in the largest markets do not add much variety to their music mix.

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Re: Why is CHR constantly overplaying all the songs?

Post by donobrian » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:44 am

I see my sister a few times a year and I will update her ipod because well she knows me.

Last time I updated it was April 17th 2013, funny thing is that Animals and Pompeii are both on there, two of the hottest gaining songs at chr this week, march 7th 2014.

At that time not a single chr played either of these songs, now everyone of them does. Maybe if radio spent a little more money and hired people with ears you could expand your playlists in a smart manner since you have someone who can actually hear the hits, instead of all these idiot pd's who fear the hits. A blind man will constantly reach around for the same wall to feel safe, these pd's are the same way, they just don't get it and they never will, they are destined to be followers without a clue and their stale repititive playlists reflect it.

Yeah you need to play hits 100x a week, but just as bad as the crap adds you make that those with ears wouldn't (xo) is the hot rotation of songs that are burnt and over. The sheep will bahh at any time, why not sync them with the active audience so that when you are playing a song 100x a week, all of your potential listeners are not burnt on it.

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