On-Air Radio Pro | Video - Media Production Expert

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On-Air Radio Pro | Video - Media Production Expert

Post by markab » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:38 am

Radio Personality | Producer, Videographer, Multimedia Specialist

My name is Mark Anthony Besozzi. I have years of experience working as a LIVE on-air radio personality. Plus my voice is used countless times for many types of broadcast and non-broadcast projects. Along with radio broadcasting expertise, I am also highly skilled in the pre-production planning process, digital media production phase, principal photography and post-production workflows.

Production & Imaging audio:

For Airchecks email: Mark@MarkABesozzi.com

• On-Air Personality (Live)
• Commercial Production Voice
• Imaging
• Prerecorded On-Air (VT)

Digital Media Production | Post-production
From development through deliverables. . .
• Producing
• Writing
• Directing
• Shooting
• Editing

Video / Television / Filmmaking
• Pre-production planning
• Production
• Post-production
• Distribution > Delivery

Visit my LinkedIn profile for resume, list of projects, skills and recommendations.

To discuss us working together, along with my availability, and salary requirements, call 1-847-287-9976 or Skype me.

Mark Anthony Besozzi
Phone: 1-847-287-9976
Skype: MarkAnthonyBesozzi
LinkedIn: Mark Anthony Besozzi

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