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Post by jefflewis » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:10 pm

Forgive me, but being a part time jock, mainly in the Central Florida area for 15+yrs and now in a highly desired city, it slaves me at the of lack of stock it seems PD/MD's put into weekend staff. While it always the amount of money thrown at Morning Shows and day parts, weekend staff are for the most part, kind of regarded as the lesser of the staff. But here is what some upper management fail to realize....more people listen to radio during the weekends than most people do during the day. You have a majority who are in the car for, in most cases, less than an hour, while traveling to work. Some or quite a few, may get to listen to the radio while they are working, but many of those in the cars in the morning, do not get to listen during the day and some just have it on for background noise. But a huge amount of people listen to radio on weekends while going to the mall, working in the yard, working on the hot rod, in the boat, at the kids soccer games, hanging out with friends in the back yard while cooking out, etc. I bet that if you poled 1000 people on when they listen to radio the most, its weekends and on the way to work/home. Hell, traffic reports are almost non-existent anymore! One APD once told me that he would do away with traffic reports if he could. But, people do rely on traffic reports and the station relies on the revenue!
With that said, I am sure I will be shredded by the dinosaurs of radio and other PD/MD's, but one would think to be a little more selective on who they put on the air in prime weekend spots, allow them to do giveaways, treat them to a pair of tickets to a concert once in awhile, pay them a bit better than $10.00/hr and treat them as though they are part of the team and not just someone that fills a weekend shift. Allow them to represent the station at events and help out. Give them a station shirt or allow them to at least buy one. I walked into my station building one day during the week and noone even knew who I was and acted like I was just a listener there to claim a prize. Likewise, I didnt recognize anyone in the building except for my APD and PD/MD.
Like I said, I am sure this will stir up a hornets nest and people will post statistics or links to them, but as someone who has been in the "hole" for so long, its quite frustrating to see the lack of energy (lack of a better term) that management puts into weekend staff.

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Post by Tom_SF » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:43 pm

I've done plenty of weekenders but it looks like the biggest enemy nowadays is automation. I'm on the West Coast and all we have out here is jukeboxes.

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