You Shouldn't Hire Me

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You Shouldn't Hire Me

Post by experiencedradioguy » Wed May 15, 2019 7:37 pm

Wait. What? Yep! You shouldn't hire me if you are looking for someone who will simply sit in the office and talk about the "good ole days". You shouldn't hire me if you are looking for a short term solution to your situation. And, you shouldn't hire me if you are looking for someone to "punch the clock" and do a job that is "just good enough".
I am someone who wants to do professional radio that is fun, relevant, and engaging. I enjoy getting out in the community and making a difference. I want a long term situation that gives me the opportunity to utilize my experience and skill set. I ENJOY working in this business and I will work until the job is complete and we are satisfied!
I have spent most of my career in talk formats and Christian formats. I have been a GM, PD, News Director, and Morning Talent. I enjoy production and digital media.
If you'd like, take a listen to my demos and let me know if I can help. Thank you for your time!

Audio - ... -akin-demo
Interviews -
TV ... _w39FbzkTw

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