I'll try not to burn the place down.

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I'll try not to burn the place down.

Post by pantspartyradio » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:24 pm

The summer doldrums of the sports radio calander will be here before you know it. You know what that means... VACATION time for sports hosts around the country. I mean, who wants to break down Game 77 of the Royals' season when they're already 30 games out of first place? I DO!!! Actually, I don't. That sounds like terrible radio.

When your audience hears my show for the first time they'll think "Oh! This guy's different! I like him!" Would you rather have some beat writer fill in and break down launch angles and ground ball percentages? (I actually heard that on a sports radio show in a large market recently. 😥) Or do you want somebody that does a RADIO SHOW?

June and July are the months on the sports radio calander when hosts should be talking chances with creative I'm conversations; not talking about the Lions' blocking schemes. That's what I do. I talk about sports, but I also talk about LIFE! My show is the show that you want to have a beer with.

I''ve hosted and won in multiple Top 50 Markets and I'm ready to fill in for you! Who knows? Maybe this will lead to a full time position down the road and we can change sports radio in your city forever. For now though, I am happy to pinch hit for you and show you what I've got.

Here are some samples of my work. I have some fresh airchecks for you to enjoy mixed in with some classics.

If you like what you hear; lets talk! I have studio access locally and I would love to chop it up with the sports fans of your city!

Jeff "Pants" "Pantridge
(727) 542-4973

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