Need an OM with tons of country experience?

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Need an OM with tons of country experience?

Post by pd91462 » Sat May 23, 2020 9:18 am

How about approximately 15 years of experience? Almost 17 years programming country in rated markets.

My preference is to program for a company that utilizes their resources to being number one in the market and will value my expertise on how to get there and stay there.

As your OM, I will coach your PD's HARD! They will be held accountable to ratings and revenue.

My programming experience is in country (obviously), Hot AC, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, AC and sports.

I will keep on-air talent accountable to ratings and revenue. I will also build a training ground for them to help advance their careers. That was done for me and I shall always appreciate that. I'd have never become a PD or OM without it.'

I'm currently in a job where I'm bored out of my mind and really wanting to hit the ground running. I'll move east, west, north or sounth. Wherever the job is. But I only want to work for a company that does what it takes to be a winner. So before you click on the email below, ask yourself. Do I know how to win? Do I do what i takes to be #1?

If the answer is yes, email me at

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