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mehulkasi85 wrote:
Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:13 am
I am a trumpet player with a question for jazz musicians: What is the proper or "best" way to learn and think about chord changes while in an improvisation section?
Let me elaborate, after I preface by saying I know very little about actual jazz theory and may be explaining things incorrectly.

So let's say I have chord progression:

Cmaj7 / Cmaj7 / D7b5 / D7b5 /

Dm7 / G7 (13) / C6 / C6 /

From my understanding, while in each chord, you should generally try to play notes that fall under that chord's scale, with an emphasis on the I, III, V, and maybe some other notes depending on the situation (this logic is likely oversimplified). So as I play through these chord changes, I am required to be comfortable with the scales of the chords, or at least the I, III, and V of each chord, so that I can play a lick in that key on the fly.

This brings me back to my question. If I want to practice and become very comfortable and adaptable to improvising over any set of chord changes a piece might throw at me, what is the best way think about think about the chords as I play through them, and how should I best prepare myself to be comfortable with them?

Should I practice and become familiar with playing in a D7b5 chord (this would seem extremely tedious), or should I just be comfortable enough with a D scale, that I can think "flat the 5 and 7" on the fly?

Or is there an even better way to think about the chord changes as I progress through them, like step size relationships or something?
What's your practice routine like?"

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