More than an 'oh, wow!' female co-host

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More than an 'oh, wow!' female co-host

Post by nadiavalentine » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:25 pm


Are you tired of the 'oh, wow!' female cohosts? You know the ones: super sweet but don't add much to the conversation.

Do you need someone who is social media savvy and can tell you the difference between something that should go on Instagram and something that should go on Snapchat?

Do you need someone who will share their life on the air: the good, bad, AND ugly?

Do you think curly hair is fabulous?

Well, count your lucky stars because *spoiler alert* that person is me.

I'm Nadia. I'm a Des Moines-based on-air personality. I've been in radio since I was 18. Seven years later, I've found myself amongst the masses of radio personalities who have lost their jobs amidst the pandemic.

I officially joined my former show when I was still a senior in college. I was the youngest morning show personality our station ever hired. I'm an opinionated woman who also happens to be a person of color, and rock is my main format. I'm basically a radio unicorn. I am MORE than willing to relocate for the right gig. No offense, Iowa.

If you need a quick-witted, football-loving, idea machine, I'd love to talk.

Feel free to email me at with any questions. You can also find me and the host of my former show on Twitch! We broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm/CST

Reel: ... 0.mp3?dl=0



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