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Overnights. There's still an audience out there who wants to have someone to play their request. Even if we don't play that band.

9) Tell us what music we would find on your car or home CD player (or turntable) right now, and what is it you enjoy about that particular selection?

The new Gwen Stefani. She's totally hot! I listen to a lot of different things ... jazz, '80s metal, '80s pop. Anything but rap.

10) Most of us have known or even worked for a "colorful" owner/GM/air talent. Care to share a story? (The names can be changed to protect the innocent.)

Once a very long time ago I asked our owner where to get some money to wash the station vehicle. He told me to dig into my own pocket and pay for it myself. This was from the same owner who let his kids use the station vehicle on weekends to go four-wheeling and to drive around at night shooting peoples car windows out with BB guns. Yeah, he was a gem!

Bonus Questions

If you were just starting out in radio, knowing now, what you didn't then, would you still do it?

Probably. I'm dumb like that.

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