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About The Author
Steve Meyer

Steve Meyer is a thirty-five year music industry veteran. He spent 24 years working in executive promotion capacities at both Capitol Records and at Universal Studios' MCA Records. Recognized as one of the industry's top professionals, Steve was a recipient of many awards during his industry tenure, including Billboard Magazine's Award for Excellence in National Promotion, as well as Sr. VP/Promotion, and Record Executive Of The Year awards.

In 1992, Meyer left MCA to form his own consulting company, SMART MARKETING and since then has provided consulting services and marketing strategies to many in the entertainment, media, technology and broadcast industries. A respected authority on pop-culture and the entertainment industry, Steve has been interviewed by Martin A. Grove, now a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter and a CNN Entertainment reporter, for three separate books on pop music.

In 2003, Meyer launched a weekly industry e-mail newsletter, DISC & DAT that contains commentary, news, interviews, and more.

To receive DISC & DAT or contact Steve, you can e-mail him at: discanddat@earthlink.net.

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