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Friday, September 28, 2018

Congratulations to all the deserving Marconi Award winners, who picked up their honors last night at The Radio Show in Orlando. However, it is absolutely not true that to complement the time of the season, all of the awards were pumpkin spiced. You may now all go back to your over/under bets on the first day a radio station flips to all-holiday music.

Meanwhile, the Net News section will continue to report on all the up-to-the-second radio, label and related tech news -- good, bad and whatever, but definitely real. Add to that our all-star lineup of columnists for ahead-of-the-curve insight and you'll get all you need to know simply by logging on to

TROY HANSON Power Player
  Troy Hanson

VP/Programming, Rock

Company Cumulus Media and WKQX/Chicago

I don't think it should be placed as the highest priority. In the world of the Internet, being the first to play something is pure ego-driven chest beating, not a winning formula. If a programmer wants to get behind a new song because he or she wants to be part of something big -- and it makes sense for the audience, or it's something they're demanding - then he or she might as well go for it. But remember, when it comes to music, "It's not about me, it's about we." ... more

JESSE JAMES Top 40/Mainstream
  10 Questions with ... Jesse James

PD/morning show host

Station KTLA Big 98.7
Market Fargo-Moorhead
Company Radio FM Media

We're a big, fun show that also does a ton of stuff in our community. Amanda was one of our interns in Denver, she's from this area, and Pike was here when I got here almost six years ago. Having that local angle really helped! We're the 2.0 version of "the dick, the dork, and the dear!" After the morning show we're very music intensive and streamlined! Quick breaks, great content and forward moving! ... more

  10 Questions with ... Douglas Holzmeier 'Doug Daniels'

OM/PD/Morning Personality/Account Representative

Station KWFP Alt 92.1
Market Reno
Company Evans Broadcasting
Born Bellville, IL
Raised Grove City, OH (suburb of Columbus)

We purposely decided not to use a "Rock" sounding voice for the imaging because women need to be a significant part of the appeal of the station to meet our ratings expectations. We're not trying to be "too hip for the room", yet, we're clearly the hippest sounding station in the market already. Also - once we introduce personalities - their presentations will sound real; authentic, void of hype. Reno is Real - so Alt 92.1 needs to be rooted in the community and not full of hype ... more

  10 Questions with ... Perry Stone


Station WQLZ and News Talk 94.7 & 970 WMAY
Market Springfield, IL
Company Midwest Family Broadcasting
Born Brooklyn, NY
Raised By the Bloods & Crypts

I'm cautiously optimistic that New Rock from the likes of Fozzy, Ghost, Badflower, Halestorm will keep Rock radio relevant and fresh. Classic Rock is still very successful but with each year, the audience gets older to the point where the lines are becoming blurry between Classic Rock and Classic Hits ... more

JOEY FRANCHIZE Top 40/Rhythmic
  10 Questions with ... Joey Franchize

Air Talent (nights)

Station WLLD WiLD 94.1
Market Tampa, FL
Company Beasley Media Group
Born Hartford, CT
Raised Hartford, CT

It's similar because all the hottest records in the club are on our station. Orlando and Christine (Brewstaaa) do a great job programming the station and are great at knowing what's going to be hit on the air, so DJs like myself & the WiLD DJs can get it rocking in the club ... more

  10 Questions with ... Robert Hollywood Rhodes

Production Dir.r/ Voice Talent/Air Personality

Company Radio One/Dallas, Owner of RJR Productions Inc. and
Market Dallas/Fort Worth
Born 1969

The other challenge is dealing with the current state of the industry and trying not to let it affect my approach. The thing that concerns me about radio today is that jocks, music and presentation sound the same from coast to coast. There used to be great programmers who were also great teachers of the craft. Radio needs more mentors who teach the art of the craft. Even in this social media and PPM arena, you can still let your personality and not just your Twitter feed shine through ... more

  10 Questions with ... Megan Rage

Last With: KZZO 100.5 Sacramento, CA

Phone (916) 798-7154

I thought the outside of radio would feel safe. You know out here in the regular workforce world, you can get things like job security and lunch breaks but I could do without both. There is nothing like being on the radio and it's amazing how many fresh ideas I've been able to come up with while being out of the game and observing what other people are doing. I'd definitely say I am enlightened from the outside, more sure about this industry than ever ... more

Sexual Harrassment In The Station Workplace Redux - What's A Broadcaster To Do?

Despite all of the attention being paid to sexual harassment in the workplace, the law has really not changed much in this area. What has changed is that both traditional and social media have shone a spotlight on the issue as never before. Victims are more empowered to come forward with their complaints. Recent events have shown that even decades-old conduct is coming to light. It may not involve legal liability due to statutes of limitations or fading memories of potential corroborating witnesses, but the media attention can have severe consequences for the station's reputation, viewer or listener reaction and its ability to attract quality employees ... more

Entertain This Idea

Hey, I get one vote, and you have yours. And, you may have just as many moments from any one of the other five Entertainer Of The Year nominees, because ñ as I said earlier ñ every one of these guys is awesome, and Iíd pay money to see them again. Each of them inspired me, and really, weíre talking finite degrees of separation between the five ... more

The Music Cycle - The Extremes Are Here As Doldrums Approach - Part 2

With so many metrics pointing out that Hip-Hop and R&B are music's most popular overall genres, Top 40 must move more and more Rhythmic in order to play the hits. We're also seeing less Pop Alternative/Pop Rock songs crossing to Top 40, even though this genre remains one of the most popular overall. So as we are deep into the Extremes with a slowing of the amount of Pop hits, less Pop Alternative and more Hip-Hop and R&B, Top 40 radio is having an increasingly tough time in keeping that ideal Pop + Rhythm (Hip-Hop) + Rock balance ... more

Bad Hires ... It Happens

Team chemistry and office politics are sometimes overlooked and undervalued in radio. A few bad apples with narcissistic tendencies can ruin station's ratings, revenue base, and morale. Before you hire someone, find out as much as possible about them beyond their skills. Never second-guess yourself if things still don't work out with a new employee; there is the right of free will, you can't anticipate or plan for everything ... more

Connoisseur's Jeff Warshaw: "We Don't Have A Cynical Approach To Radio"

Name :: Jeff Warshaw Title :: CEO Company :: Connoisseur Media Local advertising drives radio's business and is very much results oriented. When we have a one-to-one relationship with our clients and are solving their problems, we can monetize beyond the metrics. Small business owners know when units are moving off the shelf and our stations have delivered creative solutions to help solve their problems ... more

Islands In The Streams

With all these big numbers flying around, does anyone actually have any concept of 250 million anythings? A million sales reaching platinum is actually pretty amazing if you saw a million actual pieces of product laid out in a warehouse. But 250 million plays, on-demand streams is off the scale. And how much is an on-demand play worth? Even with any new laws, not much ... more

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