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About The Author
Joe GM

My name is Joe GM. 10 Years ago I had 1 AM & 1 FM station. Now I'm running a "cluster" of stations for a really big company. I've got 5 FM's, a few low powered AM's and one big News Talker. I know just about all my staff. Every day there is more and more asked of us. From corporate, from staff, from our customers. I report to one of those Regional people who used to be a GM too! Hell, I'm just trying to make budget, and get a bonus this year just like you!

Click on this page every day for money making tips, from someone who is on the front line. Do TODAY'S TIP NOW! Right after you read this. it will make your cluster better. Plus, the boss will think you're on top of current issues. Good Luck!

Feel free to contact me anytime at

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